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Innovative Recruiting Strategy

Atalent is setting the standard in recruiting skilled professionals. We utilize effective messaging and the latest automation and AI tools to deliver an exceptional pool of highly targeted candidates 50% faster than alternative recruiting services. Our creative omnichannel marketing helps to engage candidates where they are, allowing us to reach the most qualified people in the least amount of time.
Exceptional Candidate Experience

Atalent ensures that our candidates have the best experience possible. Our white glove recruiting support and prep at every stage of the process ensures that our candidates feel supported, informed and ready to succeed in their roles. We are true advocates for our candidates, taking the time to get to know them on a personal level and helping them find the best role that fits their skills and goals.

Satisfied Clients

Atalent’s clients love us because we deliver the best candidates for their open roles. Our innovative recruiting strategy, combined with our exceptional candidate experience, ensures that our clients get the best people for their roles. We take the time to understand the needs and goals of each of our clients so that we can provide the best overall experience.




Pay only for successful placements, ensuring cost-effective and efficient talent acquisition


Commit to a tailored,
high-quality search with guaranteed success for specialized roles.


Generate qualified candidate leads for high-volume roles, confidential searches, or sensitive outreach


Outsource specific recruiting functions to streamline and enhance your talent acquisition process.

Between 2020 & 2023 


We have placed over 100 candidates in senior to executive level roles within engineering, product, design, sales, marketing, compliance and finance for some of the coolest startups we know.

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